Comprehensive Overview of the Crimea Problem in the Second Anniversary of the Annexation of “Green Island”

H.Murat Sonmez


Crimea hosted princes and trained sultans for the rulers within the historical process and Crimea is an island which experienced wars of power and exiles. After the XVIIIth century, especially after the World War II, Demographic structure of the Crimea has been changed with exiles; mostly Russians and Ukrainians filled the places which were vacated by the Crimean Tatars. Peninsula which was presented to the Ukraine by the Khrushchev, sixty years ago without asking to the Crimea, “genetically modified” Crimea was recaptured by Putin with the so-called referendum. Within the process which led to the “Crimea Referendum” that is questioned in terms of legitimacy pursuant to national and international laws, Russia used “Green Men” to invade the Crimea which was formerly named as “Green Island”. Russia realized the enlargement of its soils for the first time after the Cold War with the hybrid warfare instead of conventional warfare. Russia made quite big acquisition with the outcome it achieved from the hybrid warfare which was conducted in a cost-effective manner and with less casualties, which cannot be compared with the conventional warfare. This article which examines the struggle of Crimean Tatars and reaction of West against this process and Russia, also events of Crimea at the second anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, constitutes a significance especially in terms of how the political outcomes of the hybrid warfare are effective especially on Crimea.

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