EU Crisis Management & Planning Process

Selcuk Sonmez, Emre Dikici, Melih Durak


Since 2003, EU had 14 operations (four military, nine civilian, and one civilian-military (civ-mil) including political, diplomatic, economic, humanitarian and military actions. EU is eager to provide security not only in Europe but also whole around the world. EU has a comprehensive mechanism to monitor the situation, analyze the mission, develop options and decide how to act. With this process starting from the political-strategic level down to the tactical level, EU is able to plan and manage necessary actions. These actions could have civil, police, military or civil-military characteristics. Unlike NATO, EU has capability to provide civil and police operations with its crisis management process. Each body has its responsibility to advise and provide necessary documents through this process. We illustrated this process in a flow chart to clarify who does what. We expressed the whole process in six phases.

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