A Hybrid Moora-Fuzzy Algorithm For Special Education and Rehabilitation Center Selection

Gokhan Ozcelik, Emel Kizilkaya Aydogan, Cevriye Gencer


Special education and rehabilitation centers are established in order to train children and young people who need special education. The main goal of this study is to determine the most appropriate special education and rehabilitation center, in terms of various criteria by evaluating three different corporations which are active in Kayseri/Turkey. For that purpose, we apply Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process and MOORA which are the methods of multi-criteria decision making. Education, compliance of ergonomic, compliance of corporation building, cost, public opinion and prestige and assessment of personnel are considered as the criteria. Firstly, these criteria are weighted by using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process, later MOORA method is used to choose the most appropriate corporation.

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