A Group MADM Method for Personnel Selection Problem Using Delphi Technique Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

Ozkan Bali, Serkan Gumus, Metin Dagdeviren


Personnel selection (PS) is an important problem for an organization while the competition in global markets increases. PS, is a decision making process consisting of vagueness and imprecision. In real world, decision makers’ experience, position through the organization, effectiveness in the group and field of expertise for each attribute in the group influence decision making process for PS. In this study, a group multi attribute decision making method has been developed
using Delphi Technique based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets in sensitivity of experts to exploit the uncertainty and to take account of decision makers’ importance for each attribute in the PS problem. The proposed method was applied in a case study. Case study showed that taking into account weights of decision makers for each attribute affect the result of the process of personnel selection.

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