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The coverage of JMISCI includes the following topics, but not limited to:

Management and Information science ,

Industrial Engineering Topics; Information Science;

Decision Science, Decision Making ;

Artificial Intelligence Studies;

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Lasers, Robot technologies;

Recent Politics, Theory, Trends, Technologies, and Applications in Engineering and Information Science;

Risk Analysis, Modelling, Evaluation and Management; Logistics, Optimization;

Statistical Studies; Security Weaknesses on Information and Communication;

Critical Information and Infrastructure Security; Information Standards and Policies; Recent studies on NATO topics

Mobile Communication and Applications; Information technologies for education, Officers education;

Future Directions and Challenges in Engineering and Studies; Networks Designed for Combats;


Leadership and Strategy;

Multiple Criteria Evaluation: Utility Assessment Models and Methods;

Linear Optimization; Discrete Optimization;

Nonlinear Optimization; Man Machine Information and Control Systems ;

Research Techniques in Human Engineering, Combat Logistics, Quality Engineering

Industrial Economics; Strategic Planning; Heuristic Search;

Advanced Topics in Facility Layout and Location

Logistic Systems Engineering; Topics in Modern Manufacturing;

Methodology of Fatigue Assessment;

Ergonomics Topics; Statistical Applications in Engineering;

Total Quality Management; Forecasting, Forecasting Applications;

Multicriteria Decision Making; Project Scheduling

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